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Beauty Club

Membership Fee:
Only $99 Per Month

(All Stored for Store Credit)






Discounted Services




  • Fees will be converted into E-Credits and can be used for treatments

  • Credits can be accumulated if not used in full

  • Club members will enjoy following benefits: 

Up to 40% off Everything

Booking Priority

Birthday Month Free Treament

(For details, please contact us.)

Client 1

At S.D. Medical Spa, I had the pleasure of receiving laser hair removal services from Su, and the experience was nothing short of incredible. Having tried various service providers in the past without full satisfaction, I was thrilled to have finally found Su.

As the owner of the spa, Su takes great pride in her work and provides her clients with exceptional care and results. The spa itself is stunning and impeccably clean, adding to the overall exceptional experience. Su is also honest and sets realistic expectations for her clients. Regarding different pain tolerance and hair situation, she adjusts the setting accordingly to maximize the final result and also consideration of comfort.

After seeing the incredible results from my session with Su, I always return and love to try some other treatment with her as well.For anyone seeking laser hair removal services, I cannot recommend her enough.

Client 2

If you're struggling with your skin and seeking professional guidance, I highly recommend visiting Su. As an absolute expert in her field, she values medical-grade skincare products and the science behind them. Su takes the time to explain the physiology of the skin and how these products work to improve it.

Thanks to Su's expertise, my skin has undergone a remarkable transformation! She provides exceptional care to all of her clients and can recommend treatments and products that are tailored to your unique needs. If you're looking for a professional who can help you achieve the beautiful, healthy skin you deserve, Su is the one to see.

Client 3

My goal was to find a non-invasive procedure that could help tighten and brighten my skin as I age. During my consultation, Su took the time to explain the process and was transparent about what I could expect and what steps I needed to take for optimal results.

Now that I'm on my second session, I can confidently say that I'm already seeing great results. My jawline is becoming more defined, and I feel much more confident in person and in photos. Su has many other treatments that I would highly recommend because she has earned my trust with her expertise and professionalism. Thank you, Su, for helping me achieve the results I was looking for!

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