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Darwin Lucent IPL

Most people are born with luminous glowing skin. For many, skin concerns develop as we age, and leave us turning to makeup and photo filters to feel more confident. With LUCENT IPL, you can get back that bright, even, youthful complexion, so you can love your skin again. 
Enjoy the confidence to go filter free!



Signs of Aging

Pigmentation &
Sun Damage

Vascular Lesions

What to Expect

During IPL treatment, the pulses may cause a snapping sensation & warmth but are typically very well tolerated. Following your treatment, brown spots will darken and skin may appear red for 3-24 hours. Yourimproved complexion should be visible 1-3 weeks post treatment. Best results typically require a series of 3 to 5 appointments, spaced 1 month apart.



  • Luminous even complexion

  • Improved tone & texture

  • Fine line & wrinkle reduction

  • Youthful healthy glow


The Ultimate Skin Brightening Solution

Lucent Works Below the Surface

LUCENT IPL_How It Works_1.jpg
LUCENT IPL_How It Works_2.jpg
LUCENT IPL_How It Works_3.jpg
LUCENT IPL_Lifestyle.jpg

" Lucent IPL gave me my glow back. Now I have the confidence to go filter free! "

 一 Jess, age 26

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