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Darwin Bare 808

Dealing with the regrowth of unwanted hair is a time consuming problem. Did you know women spend an average of 72 days shaving over the course of their lifetime? With BARE 808 laser hair removal system we can destroy your unwated hair at the follicle, giving you a long term, low-maintenance solution for removing unwated hair. Enjoy the freedom to do more!


Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Removal Area.png

Upper Lip


Under Arm


Bikini Lin &
Pelvic Arena

Bare Targets Hair at the Root of the Problem

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BARE 808_How It Works_2.jpg
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BARE 808_Lifestyle_Freedom.jpg

" I love that I don't have to waste any more time getting rid of hair. My favourite part is that there's no more prickly tubble from hair growing back! "

 一 Jess, age 26

What to Expect

During your treatment the light pulses will cause a snapping or prickly sensation & warmth but are typically very well tolerated. You may notice redness or swelling similar to a mild sunburn that will typically last a few hours or less. You can expect a 10% to 25% reduction in hairafter the first treatment, with hair falling out after 10-14 days. Best results are achieved with a series of 4 to 6 treatments.



  • Smooth hair-free skin

  • Destroy unwated hair at the root

  • No more stubble, skin irritation or ingrown hairs from hair removal

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