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Using Instagram Videos for Business? Here’s What New Update Brought to You

Using Instagram Videos for Business? Here’s What New Update Brought to You

Recently, Instagram has announced two new video updates, the option to create videos from several clips on your Camera Roll on Apple devices and to share around 60 second videos. Longer videos started rolling out and will be available soon to all.

Best Practices

When it comes to create videos on Instagram, you are suggested to follow these best practices to create compelling videos in mobile feed.

  • Build a Connection – You need to choose an attractive video thumbnail title and image. Use themes, brand colors and imagery to enable people connect video to your brand. Always use front-facing product or lifestyle shots, or scenes with vivid or action imagery to grab attention.
  • Experiment – Measure your video metrics and target your ads to check the response of people. Make iterations on what works best for your audience and business. Play with landscape and square formats, add call to action, create or repurpose new content for Instagram. For creating video, keep in mind that there is no “once in for all” solution.
  • Be sure to show your message visually in your videos when it comes to auto-play without sound. Add logos, captions, and products to build communication.

Benefits of Video for Businesses

Businesses are witnessing great results with Instagram videos. Over the past six months, people are spending 40% more time watching videos on Instagram. According to a research, adding video to your current campaign can add great favorability than campaigns that have only static photos.  The leading nail polish company, OPI also created a range of video ads which is targeting women from 18 to 40 years old having interests in makeup, beauty and nail art. OPI chose the video views objective and coupled it with frequency buying and reach to enhance their ad reach to target audience. OPI accessed around 5.4 million people and witnessed 11-point hike in their ad recall and 3-point hike in top-of-mind awareness in their fall-centric campaign. They don’t just generate awareness about new range, but for the whole brand.

As a brand, they understand that they have to reach their women while going online. They tried to work one-on-one with their team for creative client solutions and they designed the best ad units possible from their content. Their activation plan and winning strategy are going to be the direct result of this collection.

TV Land, a television network also ran an ad campaign across both Facebook and Instagram to enhance awareness and cravings to watch their new TV series. The network used their frequency buying and reaches to attract female viewers from 18 years to 49 years of age and utilized the same creative on both platforms.

Getting Started

Now that you know the best practices and benefits of making video ads on Instagram, you should try it on your campaign. After choosing your campaign targeting and objective, you can upload your video. There are many businesses which became efficient by running their campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram.


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